Our Home Renovations



We create Cutting Edge Designs. Creating a beautiful space can impact the first appearance of any renovation. Make sure yours stands out from the rest!


We use quality materials and experienced tradesman to bring you a high end result every time!


Communication is key to any great renovation. Without it your ideas may not be displayed how you want them! Our team understands this importance so we can bring your visions to life!

When it comes to Home Renovations you want to make sure you have the right builder for the work.

It is important that you find an experienced tradesman that specialises in home improvements and that these spaces are done correctly to avoid costly mistakes! Home renovations are not small and can and can cost quite a substantial amount! So you want to make sure your Job is done right the first time.

An experienced Builder home renovator can mean the difference between a quality renovation finished on time over renovations which might cost you more in the long run!

As Renovation experts, we are the go to builders that can create beautiful space that will stand the time!

We practice what we preach and have done multiple full home renovations for ourselves within the past 4 years and we have helped clients with renovating their homes to create them a beautiful space. We can help you from the design/layout all the way through the renovation process educating you along the way.

From Kitchen, Bathrooms, Laundries, Outdoor areas, Cosmetic renovations, Studios and even extra rooms within your double Garages including Bedrooms, Office space or hair salons. Creating extra space under the same floorspace is what we do best! We work with you to create the vision in your mind that becomes a reality. We have even been able to turn two 3 bed 1 bathroom homes into 4 bedroom 2 bathrooms under the same roof space!

We know our renovations inside and out and can share some great insights and experience with you. We can help you understand what will work and what won’t work, how to maximise space and storage and how to incorporate lighting that will best suit your space inside your home. From different lighting options such as LEDs , Downlights and or decorative lighting and skylights. Flooring options from floating floor, tile and even epoxy resins. Feature walls, storage and layouts to maximise your space. We can guide you through the whole process from Paints to Tiles selection and point you in the direction to suit a renovation to fit your budget!

Before you decide on your builder. Here are a few good points to take away before you decide to renovate your home.

How much experience does your Builder have? Does he always tell you, you can’t do that? Or does he tell you it can be done! A lack of knowledge means a big difference in what he can and can’t do! This is an early sign that a builder is experienced or he has little knowledge in that particular area

What can your builder do? Can he add Value? If your builder can offer you space adding areas under the same roof space or give you multiple options when it comes to products and even answer any questions straight away you may have then you have found yourself an experienced builder!

How reliable is your builder at getting back to you with text messages or emails. Does he take a few days or even weeks to reply? This is a sign of how long you may be waiting for a job or a job to be completed!

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Here at Cutting Edge Building Solutions.

Our clients come first!

Our clients come first! We make sure you understand the process from start to finish. We take the Hassle out of the whole renovation process!

So get in touch with Cam and his team. We are Wagga Builders that service the Riverina! from disability adjustments to high end renovations to Insurance work we are the go to builders for Renovations and home improvements.